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Divvit helps you better understand the effectiveness of your marketing, your visitors behaviour, and optimize your store for conversions and sales.

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Find out where your visitors are coming from and what devices they’re on.
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Utilize funnels to uncover where your visitors are leaving and compare conversion across all pages and marketing channels.
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Order Count
Discover the number of orders coming from each channel, and compare against previous time periods.
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Order Value
Identify how much revenue each marketing channel is generating.
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Cost Per Visit
Automatically find out what it costs you to bring someone to your site from each marketing channel.
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Cost Per Order
Uncover how much it costs to generate an order from each marketing channel.
Orders Explorer

Orders Explorer

Track all orders and the individual journeys customers took before purchasing

Future projections

Future projections

Know what’s going to happen and plan ahead with our projection feature.

Analytics and reports

Analytics and reports

Our advanced analytics explorer let's you view and drill down on any data, which you can save as reports and share.

A plug-in for every major Ecommerce platform

Custom installation also available
Google Tag Manager

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Divvit helps you grow your business
Anders Jonell
To be able to get cost data from Adwords, Facebook and our other marketing channels directly into Divvit has helped us evaluate our marketing spending in a way we couldn’t before.
Anders Jonell
Mats Pääjärvi
What Divvit has doesn’t exist on the market today and will be a real help to Ecommerce managers in the day to day business. We have already received insights that we weren’t able to get from Google Analytics, especially on how visitors behave in our store.
Mats Pääjärvi

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