Track and compare multiple domains on the same account

Compare every marketing channel and KPI in one dashboard.

Gather all your domains and data on the same account
Compare all your different market performances side by side
Customize your dashboard to view specific markets
Connected Unlimited Domains

Do you work across 3 markets with 3 different domains? You can now add all of them under one account. No need for multiple logins!

Compare All Your Domain Performances Side By Side

View and compare all of your domains by any metric or dimension. You can view a top line comparison of traffic, order count, revenue, cost and order value. You can also drill down and compare such things as your Facebook ads performance across markets, broken down by devices, visitor type and much more.

Select Which Domains You Want To View

Let's assume you have 3 domains, but you want to look at cross-site analytics for only 2 of them. With our simple drop down selection feature, you’ll be able to custom your dashboard to view only the sites you wish.

Visual Breakdown

Need to present something at a meeting? With our plotting feature, you’ll be able to turn a table of multi-domain comparison data into a more digestible graph instantly.