What if you could apply sports statistics to influencer marketing? What if you could filter the world’s blogs by who performs best for which topics? What if you could rank and compare sites by their social media performance? What if all these ecommerce tools were found in the same place?

That’s BuzzSumo. A bit like a Swiss Army Knife of ecommerce tools, BuzzSumo handles many of the decisive aspects of content marketing and social media, all in one place. But how well does it work? This week, Divvit Reviews… BuzzSumo.

What Does BuzzSumo Do?

BuzzSumo is to content marketers what weather reports are to farmers. Here’s a tool that gives you all the relevant, quantitative data you need to make the most informed business decisions when building your strategy.

And that’s a huge advantage. BuzzSumo doesn’t actually do anything, aside from sending you alerts. But as a reference guide, it’s one of your most invaluable tools. And because it’s only a reference guide, you’re free to use it any way you see fit. It’s very open-ended, so virtually any company can use it with their own unique strategies, no matter how experimental.

Of course, this involves knowing which statistics you need and when, so experienced content managers can make more use of it than amateurs and newcomers.


Content Discovery — reveals the most shared content based on your searchesAutomated Alerts — set alerts for notifications on new contentInfluencer Outreach — allows for simplified influencer searchesContent Analytics — content analysis reports reveal data useful for developing your content strategyCompetitor Research — data and reports specific to whatever domain you enterReports via email or RSSPersonalized dashboard for organizing all your alertsSearches in multiple languagesExports reports into CSV or Excel

BuzzSumo Pros and Cons


Handles all your essential content marketing information in a single, easily navigable location.Saves time in researching content trends, finding SEO keywords, discovering influencers and monitoring competitors.Concrete data removes a lot of the guesswork in digital marketing.Perfect for the Skyscraper Technique, in which you create content based on improving existing, already successful content.


While BuzzSumo is aimed at content data, there are better tools for linking and backlinking analysis.Slight learning curve. Previous digital marketing know-how is a definite plus.

Whom Does BuzzSumo Help Most?

BuzzSumo’s specialty lies in content marketing, influencer outreach, SEO and competitor analysis. These are areas that every company can benefit from, so, in theory, BuzzSumo can help everyone.

But there’s a little more to it than that. Not all companies are ready to dive deeply into these digital marketing areas — young startups need to worry about staying afloat before they can spend money on expansion. However, at some point or another, stable companies will want to consider prioritizing content marketing.

Another determining factor is who, specifically, is using it. With BuzzSumo, you get what you put in, so experienced digital marketers get more mileage out of it. How useful BuzzSumo is depends on who’s behind the wheel.

How Much Does BuzzSumo Cost?

BuzzSumo runs on a monthly billing cycle, with a 20% discount for yearly billing. There are 3 main plans (Pro, Plus and Large), with a custom Enterprise plan tailored on a case by case basis.

Source: BuzzSumo

The Plus plan and above include the Question Analyzer feature, which lists common questions posted by people on forums (Reddit, etc.), ecommerce sites (Amazon comments, etc.) and Q&A sites (Quora, etc.), according to your searches.

The Large and Enterprise plans come with a similar Facebook Analyzer for even deeper Facebook data, as well as webinar training and setup for teaching users how to make the most out of BuzzSumo.

Only the Enterprise plan allows the coveted 5 Years of Data — other plans’ searches are limited to only the previous year, but Enterprise subscribers can go back 5 years.

All plans include a 14-day trial.

BuzzSumo: Final Verdict

Like we said above, how much you get out of BuzzSumo depends on how you use it. What this boils down to is, the more your company relies on digital marketing, the more you’ll love this tool.

Of course, BuzzSumo makes the perfect introduction to digital marketing for those of you willing to learn. There’s plenty of articles on using BuzzSumo so you can effectively teach yourself, and learn better marketing strategies in the process.

And considering that every online company could benefit from better content, SEO and relations with influencers, BuzzSumo has potential for everyone. It’s not so much a question of if, it’s a question of when… as in, when is your company ready to properly address digital marketing.

Matt Ellis

Freelance Content Creator
Matt is a freelance online content creator, specializing in eCommerce, content marketing, and web design. For over a decade he’s been sharing his industry knowledge through ebooks, website copy, and blog articles, just like this one.
Matt is a freelance online content creator, specializing in eCommerce, content marketing, and web design. For over a decade he’s been sharing his industry knowledge through ebooks, website copy, and blog articles, just like this one.