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Posted by Matt Ellis on Jul 26, 2017

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about abandoned cart prevention and ecommerce email marketing best practices, so we wanted to mention one of the ecommerce tools that combines the two. By automating email reminders when shoppers leave their cart, CartStack takes a lot of weight off your shoulders for abandoned cart recovery… but how effective is it?

What Does CartStack Do?

CartStack monitors when shoppers abandon their carts and subsequently sends them an email (or text message) to remind and persuade them to return and complete the purchase. It does this all on its own, completely autonomous, but allows you to personally craft the emails as you like. In fact, one of its selling points is that, after the initial setup, you don’t have to worry about it again.


Free custom email template on signup, designed by professionals and catered to your brand’s particular voice.Email builder with two modes: an easy-to-use visual editor and a more hands-on HTML source editor.Unlimited websites under one account.Activity reports to show how successful your abandoned cart recovery emails are, and whether to change up your strategy or stay the course.Real-time notifications to keep you informed and allow you to micro-manage your campaigns.Built-in A/B testing to determine the most effective subject lines and email content.Javascript API for meticulous customization, including coupon code additions, differentiation between customer segments, adding upsells and related products, or tracking shoppers over multiple domains.Secure and encrypted data that uses asynchronous JavaScript so it won’t lag loading times.Email smart forms to catch typing errors in real time.White-label email delivery so that they arrive from your own domain to build stronger brand ties.The official WordPress plugin enables CartStack to work for your WooCommerce abandoned cart as well.Free trial for 30 days with unlimited emails.$1,000 Guarantee! If you don’t recover $1,000 in lost revenue in the first 30 days, you can continue using CartStack for free until you do.

CartStack Pros and Cons


Emails include products in shopping cart to remind shoppers exactly what they added, and ideally rekindle their initial interest.Integrates with most ecommerce platforms, including a plugin that can recover a WooCommerce abandoned cart if you have a WordPress site.Their customer service is considered top-notch, and is often cited as a reason customers prefer CartStack over its competitors.Simple and easy-to-use, so even beginners in ecommerce can take advantage of its benefits.Provides data, reports, and real-time notifications for hands-on management and analytics fans.


There are more affordable ecommerce tools for abandoned cart recovery. CartStack works on a fixed rate per month, whereas other ecommerce tools charge by commission. Still, the $1,000 guarantee mitigates this drawback.

Who CartStack Helps Most

Abandoned cart recovery is something every online store should address, and email reminders are statistically one of the most successful strategies, according to a SaleCycle report:

44.1% of abandoned cart recovery emails are opened.These emails have a click-through rate of 11.61%.Of those that click, 29.9% complete the purchase.The average order value of recovered purchases is 14.2% higher than typical purchases.To put a set dollar amount to it, each abandoned cart recovery email sent earns back $8.21 in revenue.

There’s no question that emails work for abandoned cart recovery, something that every ecommerce company has to deal with. Keeping that in mind, a service like CartStack simply handles this essential aspect of ecommerce for you. That’s just one less thing to worry about.

On top of that, CartStack’s simplified interface makes it easy for beginners in ecommerce to use. While the reporting, Javascript, and HTML-editing options might be out of some subscriber’s league, the core features of CartStack are applicable to any online store, big or small.


Each plan includes all the features, however pricing is based on the maximum email sending limit.

Source: CartStack

CartStack: Final Verdict

Definitely worth it. It’s hard to find a bad review or an unsatisfied customer, which is pretty impressive considering how popular it is.

After all, what’s not to like? Emails for abandoned cart recovery are an ecommerce best practice that you should be doing anyway; CartStack just makes the process so much easier. Not just that, but it’s one of best ecommerce tools of its kind.

Matt Ellis

Freelance Content Creator
Matt is a freelance online content creator, specializing in eCommerce, content marketing, and web design. For over a decade he’s been sharing his industry knowledge through ebooks, website copy, and blog articles, just like this one.
Matt is a freelance online content creator, specializing in eCommerce, content marketing, and web design. For over a decade he’s been sharing his industry knowledge through ebooks, website copy, and blog articles, just like this one.