There comes a time in every online store’s progression where they need to take their SEO to the next level. Often, this involves tools, but with markets flooded with competition, it’s hard to choose to the right one. Moz Pro stands out, with a history of SEO dating back to 2008 and a community forum of over a million digital marketers. With the name Moz synonymous with SEO, this is often the first place beginners look when it comes time to take SEO seriously.

But is Moz’s reputation, and that of their Moz Pro software, warranted? Are they just capitalizing on name recognition? We took a deeper look into Moz Pro’s performance in this week’s Divvit Reviews...

What Does Moz Pro Do?

Moz Pro does one thing, but it does it well: SEO. The whole Moz brand has built their reputation around SEO aid (their original name was SEOMoz), and they’re just as known for their community forums as they are for their software. Their Moz Pro software is the culmination of their best SEO support functions, a suite of SEO ecommerce tools and SERP analytics, some of which can’t be found on other software.

For specifics, let’s talk about the features it offers...


Keyword tracking in over 200 countries across Google, Yahoo!, and BingKeyword research covers Volume, Difficulty, Opportunity, Potential and Customizable ScoresSERP analysis breakdown with link and social dataMoz Page Authority and Domain Authority show definitive link performancesCompetitor trackingGeographical tracking at national, city and neighborhood levelsCrawl diagnostics shows duplicate content, missing page elements, broken links and other crawl errorsCustomizable automated reportsCalculates a single, overall rank using positions and click-through ratesReveals broken links and unlinked mentionsCan set weekly alertsSpam analysis audits site for potentially harmful linksMobile and desktop differentiation90% accuracy on search volume predictionsExports reports to CSV

Moz Pro Pros and Cons


Simplifies the complex field of SEO (as best it can)Detailed and thorough analysisVisually pleasing interfaceAbove average customer service


Slight learning curve to understand all featuresNumber of keywords you can track is divided automatically across all URLsChrome extension (MozBar) has reported bugsOther tools have more expansive backlink tracking

Whom Does Moz Pro Help Most?

According to co-founder Rand Fishkin (“The Wizard of Moz”), Moz Pro is built for marketers… but in today’s digital industries, that accounts for pretty much everybody.

Part of the beauty of Moz Pro is that it boils down the complex and even overwhelming wealth of SEO data into something easy to understand. This makes it accessible to both expert search engine analysts and startup amateurs alike.

That said, other tools go even deeper with data; that’s not to say Moz Pro doesn’t have enough, but if you’re hardcore about your rankings you might want the extra mile other tools provide. Large-scale enterprises, for example, might opt for the more inclusive — albeit harder to understand — tools.

On the other end of the spectrum, companies that don’t put much stock in search engine optimzation in general won’t have any use for Moz Pro. If you’re not checking your rankings regularly, it doesn’t make sense to pay for any tool.

But these exceptions notwithstanding, there’s still a large middle ground that could benefit from Moz Pro’s SEO reports. This software can help small, medium and large companies, as long as they put in the effort to check and implement the report data.

How Much Does Moz Pro Cost?

Moz Pro offers four plans, all paid monthly. However there’s a 20% discount if you sign up for the year.

Source: Moz

For support, all plans offers 24-hour help online and product walkthroughs. The Medium, Large, and Premium plans all include Instant Site Recrawl and Branded Reports, but not the Standard plan.

In addition to the features listed above, the Premium plan comes with a Speed Crawl that’s 10 times faster and a dedicated account manager for personalized customer support services.

Moz Pro: Final Verdict

To decide if Moz Pro is right for you, you first need to understand what it is, and is not. Namely, Moz Pro is not a complete analytics platform — there is no ad or PPC data, no ecommerce data on sales or order statistics. Moz Pro is firmly and exclusively dedicated to SEO, so it’s in a different league than traditional ecommerce tools.

But what it does with SEO is impressive, let alone practical. Moz Pro’s biggest advantage is simplifying SEO data and making it accessible to almost any level of user. Beginners find its friendly interface and simplified UX comforting, while experienced analysts can still access most of the data they require.

However, as we said above, other SEO tools go deeper than Moz Pro. This software sacrifices the top-tier data needed by the most dedicated search engine analysts in order to better satisfy the masses, who wouldn’t know what to do with that data even if they had it.

Therefore, Moz Pro is not the most complete SEO tool, but it’s still one of the most useful. Unless you’re a master analyst, you’ll find Moz Pro’s offerings more than enough to satisfy — and improve — your day-to-day business.

Matt Ellis

Freelance Content Creator
Matt is a freelance online content creator, specializing in eCommerce, content marketing, and web design. For over a decade he’s been sharing his industry knowledge through ebooks, website copy, and blog articles, just like this one.
Matt is a freelance online content creator, specializing in eCommerce, content marketing, and web design. For over a decade he’s been sharing his industry knowledge through ebooks, website copy, and blog articles, just like this one.