Attribution Report

Home Decor

Westwing is the number one private shopping club in Russia for everything in your home. The true admirers of interior design will be able to pick up premium furniture and home accessories here with a discount of up to 70%. They sell both recognized and emerging, interesting brands that deserve attention.

The Challenge

With 20+ active marketing channels (10 being paid), WestWing wanted to conduct a full audit of their marketing channels and customer journey. They specifically wanted to compare 'last click' order attribution with Divvit's machine learning data driven attribution model.

WestWing's Goal

Their ultimate goal was to ensure optimimum budget allocation and improve their ROI.

How Divvit Helped

In this situation Divvit was helpful in 2 specifc ways:

Over the course of 30 days we conducted a full analysis of their data and produced an attribution report that helped them better understand their customer journeys.

Divvit's attribution model uncovered the true value of each marketing channel.

Biggest Insights

During the analysis and with the use of Divvit's attribution model, it was discovered that Affiliates were being overvalued by last click by 19%.

Whilst Facebook was being overvauled by 45%.

With Divvit we know exactly what role each channel is playing and how it contributes to our success. Knowing exactly how your users behave is invaluable when creating a strategy to improve!

Konstantin Lopatin   |   CMO at WestWing
Konstantin Lopatin
CMO at WestWing
Divvit is multi-channel marketing attribution platform built for ecommerce
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