Analyze the Customer Journey from Visit to Order

We'll show you every visit they made, which channel they arrived from, the duration of each visit, device type, number of pageviews and much more!

Track detailed metrics on each individual touchpoint for every order
See which are your lead channels and which are your converting channels
See exactly what each customer bought and where they came from
Know your true ROI

We’ll tell you the exact ROI for each of your marketing channels and how much they contributed to your overall revenue.

Detailed metrics

Discover what channel brought a customer to your site, what device they were on, the page they landed on, the duration of their visit and what products they put in their basket.

Filter your orders

Use our filters to learn how each channel is contributing in the buying cycle. Find out exactly which channels are playing a role in first visits, last visits (when they convert) and everything in between.

Customer profiles

Find out what your customers bought, if they were a new or returning customer, what channels brought them to your site and how many visits it took to make a purchase.