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Divvit vs Google Analytics

We get asked this question a lot! So we decided to produce a side by side comparison of marketing ROI and Order Attribution features.

Ecommerce Analytics
Google Analytics
Free version
Google Analytics 360
Paid version
Users amount
Google Cost Integration
Facebook Cost Integration
Bing Cost Integration
Automatic Cost Integration
Manual Input
Customizable Reports
Multi-Channel Reporting
Detailed Order Attribution View
Data Import
Needs 24 hrs after upload to be processed
Aggregated Domain View
Real-Time Data
Unsampled Data
Report Freshness
24+ hours
10 min
Less than an hour
(Max 4 hours)
Order Tracking
Script or API
Historic Customer Upload
Cross-Device Tracking
Artificial Intelligence
Google Analytics
Free version
Google Analytics
Paid version
Weekly Email Insights
Monthly Performance Report
Metric Benchmarks
Data Driven Attribution
Data Driven Recommendations
Ecommerce Expertise
Google Analytics
Free version
Google Analytics
Paid version
Performance Review
Dedicated Analytics Manager
Setup & Onboarding
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