Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to some common questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question please don't hesitate to contact us!

How does Divvit work?
Divvit uses a JavaScript tracking pixel that will be installed on each page of your shop and track pageviews, orders and more. We then analyze all this data in the background for you and present it in a nicely organized way.
What do you mean with Proactive Ecommerce Anaytics?
We don’t only present ”dead” numbers but aim to process everything to give the best insights to make it easier to take the correct action. As an example we automatically show how you are performing this month compared to last, and also show you the projection for the rest of the month. You can also see when the last order was placed through each channels and all the visits a customer has made before placing their order.
How much does Divvit cost?
We have a monthly licensing fee that varies depending on how many visitors you have to your shop, read more about it on our pricing page.
Is there a demo account?
When you create an account (which takes one minute) you get access to your own demo account with all features working, for you to evaluate before installing the Divvit pixel.
How do I install Divvit?
Either through one of our ecommerce platform plugins, Google Tag Manager or as a direct installation on your site. Read more about it here (
What is it that needs to be installed?
Two tracking scripts, one across the site for pageviews and one on the Thank You-page for sending order information.
Do you have a plugin for Magento?
Do you have a plugin for Prestashop?
Do you have a plugin for Woocommerce?
Do you have a plugin for Shopware?
Does Divvit work with all webshops?
Yes, if you have one of the platforms we offer a plugin for you just need to install that, but for all other shops we can be installed either through Google Tag Manager or directly on the site.