6 Features

To help you better understand your marketing and improve your ROI

Track Marketing Spend & Efficiency

Compare all your marketing channels in one place. We’ll give you instant access to your cost per visits, cost per order and ROI.

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Dynamic Reports

We’ll help you save time by sending you a detailed report every month about the specific metrics/KPIs you want to track.

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Marketing Attribution

Use our order attribution models to ensure maximum ROI on your marketing spend. We’ll tell you how many times a customer came to your store before purchasing, which channels they came from and lots more.

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Actionable Insights

We’ll dive into all of your data and pinpoint the problem and potential areas for growth. We’ll then send you recommendations on how to improve your store’s performance.

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Sales Funnels

Utilize funnels to uncover where your visitors are leaving and compare conversion across all pages and marketing channels. Learn More

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Data Analysis

Drill down on any metric and dimension and create reports you can share with colleagues, investors and who every else you want!

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