Monthly Projection

Follow your monthly progress of traffic, orders and marketing cost on a day by day basis. This means you can easily see if you are performing better or worse than last month and what your projection for the current month is.

Live Data

See all orders from each channels as they are being placed. By knowing last order placed through each channel you will quickly discover if any problems occur. You will also get a quick overview of what channels are improving and what are declining and that you should look closer at.

Unique Order View

Find out the road to the purchase for each individual order placed. You can see who placed the order and how many visits that took place before the transaction. This gives you an unique view to evaluate your attribution model and how it is implemented.

Analytics Explorer

Our advanced analytics explorer let's you view and drill down on any data. By combining the right dimensions and metrics, you can find exactly the number you are looking for.

Tool Integrations

By adding data from the external tools you are using, you get the full picture of your marketing channels performance. With a few clicks you can gather all this data in one single place, providing you with an unmatched overview and control.

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