Actionable Insights

Ever wanted someone to just tell you what you needed to fix? We’ll do just that.

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Understanding Customer Behavior with your Metrics Tree

No more guessing which KPIs have the biggest impact- your metrics are available at a glance:

We analyze how many customers dropped off at each stage of the sales funnel
See how your orders are influenced by customer behavior
Understand how each individual KPI affects your sales and revenue

Make Better Decisions with a Marketing Channel Breakdown

Which of your channels had the biggest impact on your visits? What about your orders and revenue? The answers are but a click away:

Compare each channel across the KPIs that matter most
See which channels have the biggest impact on your orders and revenue
Get insights on the best performing channels for your online store

Analyze Your Sales Funnel by Device

Save time with simple cross-device data: never be stumped by mobile again!

Track detailed metrics across desktop, tablet, and mobile.
See how your customer behavior changes across devices
Understand which device impacts your revenue throughout your sales funnel

Data Dive: Analyzing your data metric by metric

No need to perform heavy data analysis, Divvit does it for you:

Compare across all KPIs and channels
Track metrics based on industry standards
Get insights on the best performing channels
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What Divvit Can Do for You:

Save you time with easy-to-understand analytics that aren’t watered down
Provide detailed customer journey analytics through each touchpoint
Save you money with precalculated ROI based on what matters to you
Help you make better decisions with projections based on past data
Provide your data the way you want it- Divvit is 100% customizable
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Actionable Insights

Ever wanted someone to just tell you what you needed to fix?  We'll do just that

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Marketing Attribution

Use multi-channel marketing attribution to discover your true ROI

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Sales Funnels

Visualize your sales funnels and never miss an optimization opportunity

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