Dynamic Reports

Save time and money with monthly reports on all the data you want.

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Save Time with Weekly Insights Reports

We’ll send you weekly reports with a basic breakdown of your ecommerce store’s performance compared with the previous week. You’ll always be in the loop with Divvit:

See which days work best for you with a day-by-day revenue report
Track your most important KPIs and their rate of change from the previous week
Get insights on your best channels week by week

Save Money with Marketing Cost Reports

Create custom reports to track your marketing costs- never overspend again! With Divvit on your side, you’ll always be up to speed on your best performing campaigns.

Save time with pre-calculated AOV, ROI, CAC, & Cost/Order
Download your customized reports with just a click and save your favorite report types

Make better decisions with HealthCheck Insights

With actionable insights provided by our HealthCheck reports, you’ll never wonder what to do next. Divvit offers an action plan based on your data:

Save time with a full report of all of your metrics rolled fully analyzed for you
See which channels perform best for your online store
Keep up to date on customer behavior changes
Get 5 actionable insights that show you what changes you can make for more revenue
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What Divvit Can Do for You:

Save you time with easy-to-understand analytics that aren’t watered down
Provide detailed customer journey analytics through each touchpoint
Save you money with precalculated ROI based on what matters to you
Help you make better decisions with projections based on past data
Provide your data the way you want it- Divvit is 100% customizable
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Spend & Efficiency

Centralize all of your marketing data on one easy to use dashboard

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Dynamic Reports

Save time and money with monthly reports on all the data you want

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Actionable Insights

Ever wanted someone to just tell you what you needed to fix?  We'll do just that

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Marketing Attribution

Use multi-channel marketing attribution to discover your true ROI

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Sales Funnels

Visualize your sales funnels and never miss an optimization opportunity

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Data Analysis

Make better decisions by analyzing multiple dimensions and metrics in one place

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