Discover all there is to know about every order.

Discover all there is to know about every order

Orders Insights

  • Break down number of orders and revenue by channel
  • Compare against previous periods of time
  • Plan ahead with future projections
Orders Insights

Orders Explorer

Track the individual journeys customers took before purchasing

All Customer Activity:

  • Number of visits before purchase
  • Which channels they came from
  • List of products purchased
  • Time of purchase
  • Distinguish new vs. returning customers
Orders Explorer
These are some examples of what Order View can do for you
“Show me all orders placed yesterday between 11am - 3pm from new customers that came from paid Facebook ads.
“Show me all orders with more than three products, how many of these were returning customers and the revenue they generated“
“Show me all orders where the customer came from Adwords and then interacted with one or more paid channels before completing the order.”

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