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Spend & Efficiency

Centralize all of your marketing data on one easy to use dashboard.

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Save Money with Smart Cost-Tracking

Track your marketing costs across channels with our costs overview. Never worry about overspending or going over budget, Divvit’s got you covered!

Track cost per visit and cost per order by channel
Filter your view by amount, change, or percentage of change
Compare between time periods to watch growth

Save Time with Dynamic Customizable Analytics

Block out the white noise with our Analytics Explorer. With just a click, choose the KPIs that matter most to you. Never waste time with incomprehensible metrics again!

Compare all of your channels, groups, customer types, and devices easily
Customize your data so you get a detailed view of what really matters to you
Filter by channel group to focus on one specific set of channels
Plot any metric for a visual view of how your results are progressing over time

Make better decisions with pre-calculated costs

Never calculate your ROI again- Divvit calculates the most key metrics for you. With the Analytics Explorer, you can get your most important metrics at a glance:

Save time with pre-calculated ROI, cost per order, cost per visit, & customer acquisition cost
Toggle these metrics by channel to see which channels give you the most return
Create customized reports based on metrics you choose
Make better decisions on where to shift your budget for the best results
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What Divvit Can Do for You:

Save you time with easy-to-understand analytics that aren’t watered down
Provide detailed customer journey analytics through each touchpoint
Save you money with precalculated ROI based on what matters to you
Help you make better decisions with projections based on past data
Provide your data the way you want it- Divvit is 100% customizable
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Spend & Efficiency

Centralize all of your marketing data on one easy to use dashboard

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Actionable Insights

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Marketing Attribution

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Sales Funnels

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Data Analysis

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