Import and Export your data with just a few clicks

Compare every marketing channel and KPI in one dashboard.

Import historical order and cost data
Receive year on year comparisons
Export data to your DMP or DW
Import Historical Cost Data

Want to see the full picture of your marketing ROI? Now you can upload cost data from 100+ sources such as Google Ads, Facebook, Bing and Criteo.

Import Your Customer List

By importing all of your existing customers, you’ll help us be able to distinguish between a new or returning customer when an order is made. This will ensure the accuracy of our data even if the customer hasn’t visited your site for long or has cleared their cookies.

Year on Year Comparisons

Want to know if you’re heading in the right direction? Instantly view year on year comparisons for both your order and cost data.

Export data to your DMP or DW

Want to combine our data with any other data? You can simply export our processed data to your DMP or DW