Connect costs from 100+ different channels

Get even more insights and data on the ROI for your marketing channels and campaigns

Collect cost data with integrations from Facebook/Instagram, Google Adwords, Bing and Criteo
Connect costs with Google Spreadsheets
Manually input costs

Ensure all you marketing cost data is visible in Divvit by automatically connecting your Facebook/Instagram, Google Adwords, Bing and Criteo accounts.

Google Spreadsheets

Do you need to connect costs that are more varied or over a longer period of time? In the Divvit app, you can now connect manual cost integrations directly into your Divvit app using Google Sheets.

Manual Input

You can also upload costs manually. You can choose between a fixed cost, cost per visit, cost per order or revenue share. Simply choose the cost that applies to your channel and fill in the date and costs that are applicable.

Update Historical Data

These manual cost integrations are completely retroactive- so if you choose a time period in the past and we have data on orders for you during that time, these costs will be reflected once the data is fetched.